Living Legacy: Rebbe Leibele Twerski, zt”l, of Hornosteipel-Chicago

Shabbos, 28 Teves, marks the 71st yohrtzeit of Rebbe BenzionYehuda Leib Twerski, the son of Rebbe Mordechai Dov of Hornosteipel (known among the.... read more

Living Legacy: The K’sav Sofer, upon his 150th Yortzeit

A son of his illustrious father, the Chasam Sofer, and his successor as leader of Hungarian Jewry, Rav Avrohom Shmuel Binyomin Sofer, zy”a, was.... read more

Living Legacy: Rav Menachem Mendel Hager of Visheve, zt”l

Around Ta’anis Esther of the year 1936—a great tzaddik, a ga’on b’Torah, avodah, and chassidus who impacted thousands of talmidim in his.... read more

Living Legacy: The Shiniever Rov, Rebbe Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam, zt”l

The bechor of the holy Sanzer Rov, Rebbe Yechezkel Shraga was the scion of the Shineve branch of the Sanzer dynasty, and the Stropkover chassidus.... read more

Living Legacy: Rav Shlomo of Vilna, the Cheshek Shlomo

Vilna was the center of Lithuanian Torah Jewry, and its Torah leaders were men of holiness and learnedness. Rav Shloimele of Vilna was the Rov and.... read more

Living Legacy: Rebbe Elimelech of Tosh, zy”a

This Shabbos, the 23rd of Kislev, marks the yahrtzeit of Rebbe Elimelech, known as the Saba Kaddisha, of Tosh. He was the grandfather of the.... read more

Living Legacy: Rebbe Yitzchok of Sadigura-Rimanov, zt”l

In 1924, there arrived in America a scion of the Ruziner dynasty, Rav Yitzchok Friedman of Sadiger-Riminow. He was the son of Rav Yisroel, the son.... read more

Living Legacy: The Maharsha

5 Kislev marked the 290th yahrtzeit of the Maharsha, Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Edelis, one of the most prominent commentaries on Shas, a peirush that is.... read more

Living Legacy: The Rebbe Rav Hirsh of Riminov, zy”a, on his 175th yohrtzeit

30 Cheshvan marks the 175th yohrtzeit of the holy Rebbe Rav Hirsh of Riminov—a tzaddik who exemplifies the story of a holy soul, hidden inside of.... read more

Living Legacy: Haga’on Rav Dovid Feinstein, zt”l

A year has passed since the petriah of Rav Dovid, zt”l, on 19 Cheshvan of last year.In this time, Klal Yisroel—especially in America—has.... read more

Living Legacy: The Chazon Ish

15 Cheshvan marks the 68th yohrtzeit of Rav Avrohom Yeshayahu Karelitz, zt”l, the leader of Torah Jewry in Eretz Yisroel during his time, greatly.... read more

Living Legacy: Rav Meir Shapiro of Lublin, zt”l

7 Cheshvan marks the 88th yohrtzeit of the Lubliner Rov—a tzaddik, a ga’on, a brilliant visionary who literally transformed the world through.... read more

Living Legacy: The Dombrowa Ruv, Rav Yosef Ungar, zt”l

Friday, 2 Cheshvan marks the yohrtzeit of Rebbe Yosef Ungar of Dombrowa, who succeeded his father, Rebbe Mordechai Duvid, zt”l, the founder of.... read more

Living Legacy: The Ribnitzer Rebbe, zt”l

It is difficult to believe that a tzaddik of this caliber lived among us, in the very recent past.A human being who defied all the rules of nature,.... read more

Living Legacy: Rav Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, zt”l

14 Tishrei, Erev Sukkos, marks the yohrtzeit of Rav Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky, a Rov and Rosh Yeshiva in Hungary, the leader of the Eidah Hacharedis in.... read more

Living Legacy: Rebbe Yisroel of Stolin, zy”a, upon his Hundredth Yohrtzeit

The second day of Rosh Hashanah marks the 100th yohrtzeit of the Stoliner Rebbe, Rebbe Yisroel, zy”a, commonly known as.... read more

Living Legacy: The Sar Shulem of Belz, zy”a

Shabbos, 27 Elul, marks the yohrtzeit of the first Belzer Rov (der Ershter Ruv), the founder of the illustrious court of Belz that continues to.... read more

Living Legacy: The Maharal M’Prague

18 Elul marks the 413th yohrtzeit of the Maharal of Prague—one of the most legendary figures in Klal Yisroel in modern history.Yehuda Livai was.... read more