Jus by Julie Invites Boro Park to Its Opening Doors

By Toby Friedman

The well-known and beloved Jus by Julie is about to make its debut on the streets of 13th Ave. As its seventh location, the new store surely knows its stuff. Jus by Julie offers a wide selection of scrumptious and nutritious breakfast and lunch options for all taste buds.

They are prepared to open their doors tomorrow, the first Sunday of January.

Alan Maleh shares with us that he is super excited about this new venture. He’s happy to be servicing another community as he believes everyone should have access to healthy meals and juices on the go.

Some of the varieties Jus by Julie with be serving include salads, rice wraps, collard green wraps, tofu, acai bowls, and much more exotic and healthy options not found in typical stores around Boro Park.

Their fridge, stocked with ready meals, ensures quick service and happy customers. In addition, they will also be offering fresh hot meals on their menu.

The empire known as Jus by Julie all began when Maleh’s parents were faced with a problem.

Maleh’s father suffered from high levels of cholesterol and instead of depending on meds for the rest of his life, Mrs. Maleh suggested that her husband experiment with green juices. And Voila! His numbers went down substantially in no time!

Witnessing this miracle Mrs. Maleh began giving away and eventually selling her juices to many friends and family members. The rest is history. 

They now have successful stores set up in Flatbush, Cedarhurst, Teaneck, and New Jersey with more in the planning stages.

Tomorrow, at their grand opening, Jus by Julie will be handing out free insulated juice bags as long as supplies last.  

Go check out the beautiful new sit-in cafe on 13th Ave and 47th St!

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