Me’or Hatefillah Makes Journey to Poland for Torah and Tefillah

Me’or Hatefillah Makes Journey to Poland for Torah and Tefillah

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Khal Me’or Hatefillah, under the leadership of Rav Yosef Paneth, shlit”a, is a close-knit kehillah which is centered around Torah and tefillah. Recently, many members of the kehillah journeyed to Poland and Galicia together with the Rov for an unforgettable trip in which they stormed the Gates of Heaven at kivrei tzaddikim and celebrated the siyum on Maseches Brochos in the second cycle of Shas that the kehillah has learned together. 

Every aspect of this luxury trip was expertly and conveniently coordinated and executed by the production and catering teams of the legendary Lalechet Tours which has made a name for itself for luxury tours for the kosher traveler throughout the world—enabling travelers to enjoy the experience of wherever they may be going, whether for leisure or spiritual uplift. 

The group left from New York to Frankfurt from where they took a chartered flight to Lublin, the home of Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin. There, the group was transported by luxurious coach buses to a hotel, where they availed themselves of the mikvah and ate hearty lunch, following which they had a seder for learning for the entire group in the Beis Medrash of Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin—once again filling this special edifice with the roaring sound of Torah.

Here, Lalechet coordinated with the proprietors of the building to have the beis medrash available exclusively for this group. 

From there the group proceeded to the Lublin Beis Hachaim. Since it would be dark when they got there, Lalechet ensured that the cemetery would be brightly lit up so the group could be mispalel at the tziyun of the Chozeh of Lublin with the proper kavanah. 

From Lublin, they traveled south to the town of Lizensk where the hisorerus at the tziyun of the Rebbe Reb Elimelech was deeply felt by the entire group as they poured out their hearts in tefillah at this holiest of sites. 

Concluding their tefillos in Lizensk, they traveled to the luxurious Bristol Hotel in nearby Rzezow which was exclusively reserved for the guests. Lalechet catering had a sumptuous dinner waiting for the group at the hotel where they stayed for the evening.  

Early the next morning the group departed for Dinov to be mispalel at the tziyun of the Bnei Yisoschor, after which they made their way to the town of Szczawnica, a resort town where many of the tzaddikim of Galicia used to travel for respite. 

A luxury hotel was exclusively requisitioned for the group for the entire Shabbos—a Shabbos that was uplifting and inspiring as it was enjoyable and comfortable. The magnificent hotel was only matched by the high level of catering and accommodations, with every aspect of the production and catering coordinated by Lalechet. 

The Rov, Rav Paneth Shlita, spoke a number of times during Shabbos. In his pre-kabbolas Shabbos address, he asked that the kehillah form a minyan for Tehillim on Shabbos morning—a call that was answered with a packed crowd the next morning. 

Motzei Shabbos, the group took the short journey to Sanz, reciting veyiten lecho in the town’s shul where the Divrei Chaim used to daven, after which they made their way to the tziyun of the holy tzaddik. 

Here, Rav Paneth choked up a number of times as he addressed his flock, exhorting them to great hisorus with tremendous emotion.  

They then returned to Szczawnica for a gala melaveh Malka, supremely produced by Lalechet, with special musical tributes to the kehillah and its leadership led by the legendary Dudi Kalish. 

Returning home from the Krakow airport to the United States the next morning, an exceptional feeling was felt among the entire kehillah—a feeling that can only come from celebrations of accomplishments in Torah, and resolving to continue their growth as a cohesive, growth-oriented kehillah under the leadership of a great Torah leader, Rav Yosef Paneth, shlit”a.   

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