New Bill Will Require Migrants Entering New York State to Pass Background Checks

New Bill Will Require Migrants Entering New York State to Pass Background Checks

by Mindy Cohn

A new bill spawned from the rapidly expanding migrant crisis bringing New York City ever closer to the breaking point would require migrants sent to New York from the US southern border to be vetted and monitored by State officials before entry.

"It's not denying the State's responsibility to help those who are seeking asylum, but it is providing security checks and balances and scrutiny to make sure that we're protecting New Yorkers at the same time as protecting those seeking asylum here in our State," Republican Assemblyman Matt Slater, sponsor of the new bill, told The New York Post.

The migrant crisis is expected to only get worse after midnight tonight, when Title 42, the Corona public health emergency, expires. This will leave border agents without the authority to quickly expel people after they enter the country illegally. The bill is hoped to suspend the overwhelming surge of undocumented migrants flooding into New York's sanctuary city. 

Migrants hoping to latch on to social services upon their arrival will have to accept monitoring by the state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. They will need to get background checks before that. According to the legislation, illegal aliens would be tracked and monitored for a year after giving fingerprints.

The new proposal came fast on the heels of public outrage from Hudson Valley officials who sought State of Emergency measures to keep  Mayor Adams from disposing of his excess migrants by busing them into the Hudson Valley.

Already, numerous Republicans have signed on as co-sponsors with hopes that the bill will have a State Senate sponsor soon.

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