Night 5 of Chanukah Family Fun: “Guess Who?” Game on a Chocolate Bar Collage for a Family Member

Night 5 of Chanukah Family Fun: “Guess Who?” Game on a Chocolate Bar Collage for a Family Member

By Yehudit Garmaise

Families can have fun determining how well they know each other with a fun guessing game brought to us by Devoiri Haberfield of Manchester, England.

“The Chocolate Bar Collage Guessing Game is great fun, inclusive for all ages, and everyone gets a bar of chocolate at the end,” Mrs. Haberfield told BoroPark24.

Here are instructions to play:

  1. Buy as many chocolate bars, child-proof scissors, and glue sticks as you have members of your family who are playing the game.
  2. Then, write down the names of everyone playing the game on small pieces of paper.
  3. Fold the pieces of paper into fourths, and then put all the names in a basket or a bowl.
  4. When you are ready to play the game, spread out a stack of old magazines, advertisement sheets, and newspapers on a large table, along with enough glue sticks and scissors for everyone.
  5. Walk around with the basket of names so that each participant can choose one name.
  6. Anyone who chooses him or herself should re-draw a new name. 
  7. Play some fun Chanukah music, and give participants 20 minutes to cut out words, photos, and graphics that best represent the person they chose.
  8. Then, going around in a circle, one at a time, family members hold up their decorated chocolate bars, and everyone has fun playing, “Guess who?” 
  9. The game ends with participants giving the bars they decorated to the family member they described.

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