NYPD Promotes Richie Taylor, Frum Police Officer, to Deputy Chief

NYPD Promotes Richie Taylor, Frum Police Officer, to Deputy Chief

By Yehudit Garmaise 

“Deputy Chief” will be the new title of Richie Taylor, the highest-ranked kippa-wearing police officer in the NYPD, when the department promotes him on Friday at 10:45am at the Police Academy in Queens.  

Taylor, who appears not only at most crimes that affect the Jewish community, but at tishen, celebrations, safety meetings, and other positive events that affect Jewish New Yorkers. 

Not only that but Taylor told BoroPark24 that it is not unusual that he spends some time in each of the city’s five boroughs in one day.

“I don’t take my responsibilities lightly,” said Taylor, who at 41, will serve as the NYPD’s youngest deputy chief.

“My goal is to get along with everyone and to treat everyone in the ways in which I would want to be treated,” said Taylor, who is known for his commitment to teamwork, his warm personal touch, and his availability to help others at a moment’s notice.

“I want to treat people fairly and well, and do what I can for each person,” he explained. “As police officers, we can help people to get through horrific situations and also be there to support great things going on. 

“We should always remember what a blessing it is to be a giver.”

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