Package Stealers on Spree in Kensington Apprehended by NYPD, Assisted by Shomrim

Two burglars stealing packages from homes in Kensington have been arrested this evening by the NYPD, due to some tenacious detective work by Boro Park Shomrim.

It began this afternoon, when two make suspects drove up to a home on Avenue F near Ocean Parkway. Video footage outside the home clearly shows how they walk up to the home and proceed to steal a number of large packages that had been delivered there, and quickly driving off.

The owner grabbed the video footage and question called Shomrim, which used it to get a description of the suspects and their vehicle. After canvassing the area, they spotted the vehicle at the nearby ShopRite, where the suspects were again observed shoplifting.

NYPD was quickly called, and the suspects were arrested, while the packages were returned to their rightful owner.

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