REB LEVI! - Leiby Moskowitz (Official Music Video)

The world is a big place but this segula is even bigger. 'Reb Levi' gives every Yid a sense of hope and security.

Enjoy this brand new composition with nostalgic notes that aims straight to the soul. Written and performed by Leiby Moskowitz, who is an original badchan, composer, and singer.

A person who says his full name, Reb Levi Yitzchok ben Sura Sasha, has a tremendous koach to change their fate. A Yid’s cry is ten times stronger when backed by Reb Levi in Shamayim.

Whether you’re in a dangerous situation or location, you can always voice “Rev Levi Yitzchok ben Sura Sasha” and with Hashem’s help you will see yeshuos.



Composed, Sung and Concept: ????? ?????????

Video Produced and Directed: ????? ?????????

Music Arrangements: ????? ??????

Creative Director and Visionaire: ?????? ?????????

Vocals Recorded: ?? ??????? - ?????? ??????

Choir: ??????? ?????????????

PR: ????? ????? - Music On Time

Cover Art: ????? ??????

Actors: Shua Sorscher, Moshe Eizekovitz, Meir Forster.

Special Thanks: Yoely Ergaz (Collision on the Go), Chesky Schwartz, Hershy Moskowitz, Yanky Follman, Ushi Matyas, Nachmi Glauber, Zishe Schnitzler, Duvid Feder, Chaim Blumenfeld, Efroyim Moskowitz, Hershy Goldman, Leiby Landau, Leibish Stiel, Ari Prero, Shia Moskowitz, Dudi Kalish, Ilan Schnitzer, Binny Sperling, Nati Broyde, Moskowitz and Mermelstein Families, Achron Choviv: Anonymous - video wouldn't be here without you! 

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