Snapshot: Candy Man on 13th - Sweetening Boro Park for 50 years

Snapshot: Candy Man on 13th - Sweetening Boro Park for 50 years

By David J. Glenn 

In the years that the Owners have been working for and then owning Candy Man on 13th Avenue - the store in the same spot where it first opened a half-century ago - they had the goal to "make happy families."

They seem to have achieved that. Mothers with little ones, kids coming in after yeshiva, and men buying gift packages for their wives, all are regular customers.

"With Hashem's help, the shop has been doing well," Faige Lebowitz said.

This is evident from the moment you walk in the door. You're pleasantly struck by the combined aromas of freshly popped popcorn, chocolates, an array of nuts and candies sold by the pound, and even flower arrangements, suitable for the Shabbos table.

Among her busiest times, as would be expected, are the weeks before Yom Tovim, particularly Purim for shalach manos. In the earlier years of the shop, it was just about the only place in Boro Park for the Purim baskets, but "today there's competition," Faige said. "and I'm happy with that."

What are the most popular items? "Everything!" Faige said with a chuckle. When encouraged to be a little more specific, she said, "Jelly rings — everyone loves those — and sour candies."

Faige again said "everything"  when asked what her favorite treat was. "I've never stopped loving sweets ever since I was a child," she said.

What better qualification than that to own a candy shop?

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