THIS SUNDAY: JCON Will Help Hundreds Chart Career Path

THIS SUNDAY: JCON Will Help Hundreds Chart Career Path

Thousands will be gathered at the Palace hall this Sunday for the JCON conference, which has become a central meeting place for business leaders in the Jewish community. 

The conference, which will take place on Sunday, May 7, at The Palace (780 McDonald Ave. Brooklyn, NY), will bring together top experts and career coaches in the frum community to help people make the most informed decisions about their future career path.

The event will feature experts providing guidance on higher education, financial aid, and career direction all in the same room as business mentors and experts on entrepreneurship, real estate, and Klal work.  

These are all professionals that understand the specific needs and requirements of the frum world. Taking their years of experience, they will dispense information and offer advice and direction specifically tailored to the unique situations faced by yeshivah and kollel men and frum women. 

They will also help attendees assess their particular skills, strengths, and interests and match those with an appropriate career path. This full day program, which starts at A.M. and concludes at 3 P.M., includes breakfast and lunch, and will feature men’s track and women’s track opportunities. 

The 2023 JCON Parnassah Conference will empower attendees to make the right choices for their future parnassah. 

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