Two Overnight Thefts at Gunpoint of Motor Bikes

Two Overnight Thefts at Gunpoint of Motor Bikes

by Mindy Cohn

Last night, the NYPD was out canvassing the area of 10th Avenue and 50th Street after a gang of three attempted to steal a dirtbike at gunpoint.  

After successfully taking possession of the dirt bike and riding off with it,  the bike ran out of gas a short way away, so the thieves got off to walk off with the bike instead. This allowed the owner, who was hot on the trail of his stolen property to wrench back his bike, but not before the thieves stole the license plate instead. 

With the help of three friends who came to help, the dirt bike owner also recovered his license plate from the unsuccessful thieves. 

Shortly thereafter, the NYPD received a report of another theft on the other side of Boro Park. This time a motorcycle was successfully stolen in the area of Ocean Parkway and Avenue C. The motorcycle was taken at gunpoint by two white males dressed completely in black, who also took the biker's cell phone at the same time.

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