Video: How To Get Ahead in Special Education in 60 Seconds

Video: How To Get Ahead in Special Education in 60 Seconds

Looking for an exceptional Special Education program with proven results?

Earn your Masters in Education and Special Education degree from Sara Schenirer-Manhattanville College, a top-ranked college in NYS.
  • Live-Online Classes
  • Yeshiva Credits (BTL) accepted.
  • Receive Initial Certification and begin working as a P3 Provider by January 2022!
  • Financial Aid Available
  • Men's Only Cohorts
Join hundreds of yungerleit who are enjoying successful careers in education and special education thanks to this outstanding program.

Join our Virtual Open House THIS SUNDAY and learn how a MS ED degree can get you ahead!

All Open House attendees receive a $50 discount on their application fee.

Pre-registration required.
Sunday, April 25th at 7:00 PM

Discover why the Sara Schenirer Men's Program is the first choice for frum men everywhere!

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