Young Adults Most at Risk of Losing Public Insurance

Young Adults Most at Risk of Losing Public Insurance

Mindy Cohn 

Health officials are combing through Medicaid and other public insurance to remove individuals who no longer qualify after COVID emergency protections end.

This is the first time members must prove eligibility and actively renew their coverage since early 2020. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 requires states to redetermine enrollees beginning April 2023, referred to as the “unwind.”

While most New Yorkers have taken the necessary steps to prevent a lapse in health coverage, young adults have the lowest rate of renewal completion. Early data shows the renewal outcomes broken down by age group, with ages 18-34 having a 62% renewal completion. Keep in mind, these individuals have until the end of the month to renew their plans, so the numbers will likely increase among all age groups. 

At a conference on Medicaid in Manhattan hosted by the United Hospital Fund, Amir Bassiri, the director of New York’s Medicaid program, voiced his concerns. 

“We need everyone’s help to ensure that people don’t fall through the cracks,” Bassiri said. 

Bassiri said that younger New Yorkers may not be as aware of the changes and can suffer a lapse in health coverage. One way of combatting this will be more digital advertising on the insurance renewal process targetting younger New Yorkers. 

New Yorkers on insurance such as Medicaid, the Essential Plan, and Child Health Plus will receive notices from the state in the mail. The notices will include the deadline to renew coverage and may request information on income, family members, and more.

For more information on re-enrollment, visit New York State of Health here

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