Deranged: Madman Smashes Windows of Parked Cars perhaps out of Boredom

By Toby FriedmanIt was around 10:00 am Sunday morning when a pure madman went around and smashed car windows as he passed them by on Ft..... read more

Terror Next Door: Horrific Crime Spree against Lakewood Residents Friday

By: Yehuda AlterA terrifying chain of crimes were perpetrated against a number of residents of the Lakewood community, leaving two of.... read more

Four Suspects Arrested for Breaking into Building on Ft Hamilton Parkway

Four suspects were apprehended by the NYPD after a Shomrim volunteer spotted one of them breaking into a vacant building on Fort Hamilton Parkway.... read more

Firefighters Fight Flames on 7th Ave and 44th St

A raging fire broke out on the second floor of a two story house on 7th Ave and 44th St at around 11:20 am this morning.The flames were.... read more

Shomrim Advises Families with Cleaning Help

Amid the erev pesach mad rush, hectic moms tend to rely on cleaning help to take over part of the burden.But are we trusting them a bit too.... read more

Yeshiva Bochrim Harassed by Thugs

Last night as two Yeshiva bochrim were walking home near Ave M and McDonald Ave, when two suspects, one driving a Grey Mazda CX-9 and the other.... read more

NYPD on the Lookout for Brooklyn Synagogue Thief

NYPD is on the lookout for a burglar who dared to steal, not once but twice, from Yeshiva Birchas Duvid Synagogue located at 671 East 7th.... read more

Stern’s Bakery Raises its Wholesale Prices

Not long after Beigel’s Baked Goods went up in price, Stern’s Bakery also announces a wholesale price increase by 10 to 20.... read more

Multiple People Injured in Accident on 14th Avenue

Hatzolah transported multiple people that have been injuries in an accident on Monday night.The accident occurred at around 10:30pm at the.... read more

Person Shot and Killed in Apartment Building on Bay Parkway

A 43-year-old person was shot and killed late Thursday night in an apartment building on Bay Parkway and West 12th Street, NYPD.... read more

Three Teens Harass Several Jewish Boys

Three impudent teens approached and teased several Jewish boys on Tuesday in the vicinity of 17th Ave and 61st St..... read more

NYPD and Shomrim Arrest a Perp with a USPS Master Key

NYPD with the help of Shomrim arrested a perpetrator several moments after he stole packages from a USPS storage box on 17th Ave and 58th.... read more

Firefighters put out Flames on 15th Ave and 44th St

A fire broke out in a house on 15th Ave and 44th St Tuesday afternoon.The blaze began when a window caught fire from handiwork being done.... read more

Suspect Arrested for Robbery at Target on 18th Avenue

A suspect has been arrested for attempting a robbery at the Target store on 18th Avenue, Sunday afternoon.The suspect reportedly displayed.... read more

An infant and four firefighters injured in apartment building fire

An infant and four firefighters were injured in an apartment building blaze on 58th st and 7th ave earlier today.The fire which began.... read more

Two Suspects Arrested for Threatening a Bachur with a Taser

Two suspects were arrested by Shomrim today after one of them pointed a Taser at a bachur on 36th St and Tehema St, near 12th.... read more

A Boro Park Driver Shockingly Spots a Thief in his Vehicle While Driving

By Toby FriedmanA paralyzing story took place Sunday night at around 10 pm on 16th Ave and 39th St when a Boro Park Yid was peacefully.... read more

Star-K Kashrus Issues Alert for B&G Gherkins

Star-K has released an alert notifying the community of an insect infestation in some batches of B&G Gherkins. The affected lots.... read more