Fire on 16th Avenue

At around 4 o'clock this morning a fire broke out at 6217 16th Ave, the firefighters arrived to see heavy flames coming out of the house.Photos by:.... read more

Watch: Kumzits With Dudi Knopfler

Minkatch Rov Motzei Shabbos at Camp Chaim Veshalom Minkatch

Photos by: Avrumi Berger.... read more

The Torah World Phenomenon Inspires Again

By Rabbi Eliezer Sandler“You are all so proficient in Shas, Rashi and Tosfos, that your minds are Talmudic minds and your reasoning is Talmudic.... read more

Shmily Steinberg Releases His Debut Single: "Hashivu

This was always my passion, bringing quality music out there to the scene people should enjoy'em and be able to express their feelings and gratitude.... read more

The Dream Chuppa - Leiby Moskowitz, Yedidim & Motty Miller

Introducing a classical and philharmonic 'yiddish' chuppa experience featuring the powerful vocals by the multi-talanted Leiby Moskowitz, alongside.... read more

Adams Leads, Stringer and Yang Tied for Second in New Poll

     Mayoral candidate Eric Adams has taken the lead in a new poll that showed New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer tied for.... read more

BP24 Broadcast From Meron: The Fire and the Joy of Rabi Shimon LIVE

Send a Kvittel to Reb Shimon FREE Click Here .... read more